Case Studies in Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits: Real Life Situations After SECURE

Thu 12/01/2022
8:15AM - 9:45AM
Presenter(s): Natalie B. Choate

How to integrate retirement benefits into the typical estate plan now that SECURE has taken away the life expectancy payout for most beneficiaries. Case studies illustrate the planning options for the client whose major asset is an IRA or other retirement plan who wants to:

  • Benefit the surviving spouse (including “second marriage” situation)
  • Save estate taxes – how does “portability” fit in?
  • Leave benefits to adult children, minor children, multiple children
  • Leave benefits to a disabled beneficiary
  • Plan for a traditional vs. a Roth IRA
  • Hear about “outside the box” solutions for replacing the stretch IRA
  • Keep perpetual control while getting maximum deferral and low tax rates
  • Hint: That last client may be disappointed